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Why School Toppers

Why School Toppers

Learn from IITian’s

Learn from IITian faculties who are passionate about teaching. Our highly energetic and passionate team with expertise knowledge and experience will make you fall in love with subject.

Excellent study material

The material is prepared by a team of IITians keeping in mind the whole learning process.

Periodic Tests

We conducts tests both offline and online. Get the ultimate simulated experience of the actual test with complete strength and weakness analysis. The board’s level paper is corrected by moderators of respective subjects. We conduct a test series also for the respective boards which is open for all.

Student Monitoring (CCTV Classroom Surveillance, SMS Alerts, Emails, Notifications)

We regularly update the parents about the progress of their child. We monitor our students on many parameters and share the same with parents.

Regular Motivational Sessions

We conduct regular motivational sessions for our students. In the classroom, motivation drives many behaviours and it is important to understand the importance of motivation in an educational environment.

Motivation has several effects on students' learning and behaviour. First, motivation directs behaviour toward particular goals. Motivation determines the specific goals toward which people strive; thus, it affects the choices students make. Motivation also leads to increased effort and energy.

Personalized Learning

We firmly believe that every child can learn just not in the same way. Our classes, notes and worksheets are designed keeping in mind the different learning capacities of different students.

Interactive Teaching Styles Used in the Classroom

Great teachers always keep an open mind about how to best engage their students and get them excited about learning—and that means considering trying out different interactive teaching styles in the classroom. Two-way teaching dispels student passivity, and when students are engaged, they have much more fun in the learning process.

Introduce Lessons like a Story

Rudyard Kipling rightly said, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”
Just think, why do you watch movies with much interest? You like to watch movies because there is always an interesting story to keep you engaged. Like that, learning sessions become more interesting when you introduce it as a story. If you are creative, even math lessons can be related to interesting stories.

Puzzles and Games

Learning is fun when puzzles and games are part of education. Children may not require taking conscious effort when their lessons are introduced through games. Puzzles and games help children to think creatively and face challenges.