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Knowledge Partner

Knowledge Partner

School Toppers in collaboration with Schools

At School Toppers in collaborations with Schools we prepare students for school curriculum (Maths and Science) and beyond through conceptual learning methods against rote learning. Conceptual learning is seen as a means for getting students to think more critically about the new subjects and situations they encounter.
We work in Collaboration with various esteemed schools which are keen to lay a strong foundation for Maths, Science, Mental Ability and competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, Homi Bhabha, IPM, and NSO etc.

Areas of focus

Enjoy Maths and Science
We focus on nurturing interest in Maths and Science by making it more appreciable and enjoyable through inquisition, hands-on-experiments and real time applications of concepts.

Work on Improving Mental Ability
We focus on improving mental ability by providing a stimulating environment where students are made to think. There is a need for questions that put their thinking process to test. This is the primary motivation behind a mental ability test. Other than just their thinking & originality, it tests their time management better than the theory problems.
A mental ability test always is such that it checks candidates’ mapping of the problem to both their left (analytical & logical) and right side (originality) of the brains.

Empower Teachers
Our consulting and training division not only works at upgrading and enhances the existing school curricula but also subsequently empowers teachers on the pedagogic, knowledge and technical aspects to create a better eco-system of teaching and learning.

Explore Careers
In our country, careers are chosen largely on the basis of certain perceptions, rumours and out dated information instead of one’s own interests, skills and liking. Through constant interaction with students, parents and educationists over the years, we address this issue to enable better career decision making

In today’s world, one cannot run away from competition. Therefore it is extremely important to not only enjoy the process of learning but also be able to translate that into results. School Topper conducts tests both offline and online for all its students. Get the ultimate simulated experience of the actual test with complete strength and weakness analysis.